The 'R' Word

10 September 2008

A friend of mine is fond of stating his opinion that, during a recession, money returns to its rightful owners.  Tongue-in-cheek or not, I was reminded of this recently when I was attempting to analyse some high-level requirements for a client’s proposed system.

I was working on a set of high-level requirements but what was lacking was a top-level view. I’ve found that one way to get perspective of this is to remember that in system that supports a commercial transaction, the top-level view is that two parties exchange goods or services for money. This business scenario has been around for a while: it was the same hundreds of years ago for a visitor to a market as well as a shopper on Ebay today - the key difference being in technical execution.

While this is usually obvious if you are eliciting the requirements for a commercial system, it can be easy to get lost in detail if you were writing the requirements for very large-scale systems, such as an aircraft or real-time messaging systems; or if the sponsor (money-spender) is remote from the problem domain. In these cases, it’s still worth considering their viewpoint as he or she will expect a return on investment, either for themselves or on behalf of someone else - for example, the taxpayer.

I’ve found that much project heart-ache can be saved if you expend a little effort ensuring that your requirements will keep your sponsor happy.

Meanwhile, let us hope economic events unfold in a way that my friend does not get to make his flippant comment too often in next few months.

Success Stories

"Agilier's experience in managing business processes made them an ideal candidate to manage functional integration thereby reducing a significant risk to the business. This involved them working with the workstream leads and developing a high-level integrated businesses process against which we planned our programme."

Chris Davies
Programme Manager, EADS Defence and Communications Systems


"I was extremely happy with the professional and complete way that Agilier performed their work and would not hesitate to use their services again."

Mike Haynes
Senior Project Manager, Cogent Defence and Security Networks


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