Agile Business Change for January 2007

  1. Book review: "The New Lean Toolbox" by John Bicheno
  2. Corporate Reporting
  3. Email Formatting Tip

1) Book review: "The New Lean Toolbox" by John Bicheno

Lean is a management methodology that seeks to maximise customer value by giving the customer the product or service they want in the most efficient (least wasteful) manner. The key in the title is “toolbox”; this book is not a primer but a summary of the latest thinking in the Lean methodology. Read more...

2) Corporate Reporting

A tip I picked up at the Agile Business Conference 2006 which I'll certainly be trying myself: when reporting on your projects to senior management, you will increase your credibility by having one of your senior corporate stakeholders to give the same message in their report.

3) Email Formatting Tip

I frequently send emails that have to be formatted carefully (these newsletters, for example). I have found it easy to get carried away in constructing a good-looking layout using the HTML editor built-in to my emailer software; fonts, colours - the works. What I had forgotten was to remember is that some of recipients will have opted to receive email in plain text format, rather than HTML format. Read more...

All best wishes for the month ahead.

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