Agile Business Change Methods

Agilier uses a number of techniques to deliver our Agile Business Services. Our emphasis is on techniques that can deliver rapid business value by taking a small, frequent, measurable actions; reviewing progress; then repeating until the planned goal is achieved – aligning with  with our “Review, Repair, Repeat” strategy. This is characterised by delivery using the following techniques:

    • Timeboxing – the use of short, fixed time periods, lasting from between one and six weeks. A timebox can be regarded as a mini-project, at the end of which business value can be demonstrated to the customer.
    • Iteration – A project consists of a number of timeboxes, each repeated until all the customer’s business objectives are met.
    • Emphasis on collaborative working rather than extensive documentation.


The main benefit to our customers is rapid feedback, leading to a reduction in risk; we have experience of selecting and tailoring the most appropriate approach for a customer’s business.