Programme Services

Success from inception to Implementation

Our record in delivering programme services speaks for itself.  Depending on your business requirements, we can provide a bespoke service to ensure your programme is appropriately aligned within an appropriate change programme.


Leadership services are an effective way to support your staff in delivering a project.  Our experience allows us to provide value to even an already-capable team, supporting them to a successful delivery.


Our services include the following programme initiation activies:

  • establish control, governance and reporting mechanisms;

  • confirm scope;

  • establish the most appropriate delivery process; and

  • define requirements and acceptance criteria.


Review services provide the right expertise at the right time, particularly where a project deviates from plan.  We work with you to get the project can be bought back on track by implementing a few carefully selected and measured changes. We can point-point areas of under-achievement, such as:

  • late delivery;

  • being over-budget;

  • the “not quite what we were expecting” syndrome;

  • pieces of missing capability; and

  • progress stalling at certain key stages..


Turnaround services provide the solutions you need when a programme is deviating markedly from the change plan. Our combined expertise is, as always, subject to frequent and measured review and driven by business value.