On Simplicity

The other day, I was talking to an artist friend and he related an anecdote about the fourteenth-century Italian painter Giotto. Apparently, Pope Boniface VIII sent messengers to all the most respected artists of the day with a request for samples of their work. Giotto dipped his brush in red paint and with one continuous stroke painted a perfect circle. He then assured the messenger that the worth of this sample would be recognized. When the Pope saw it, he perceived that Giotto surpassed all others of his time.

This set me thinking about the nature of the service we provide to our clients. We respect our clients for their intelligence and good judgement – after all, they were the ones that engaged us! So, we can trust them to recognise an idea that can help them grow their business. I think the message from Giotto is to have courage in delivering a simple message, safe in the knowledge that it will be welcomed and recognised as standing out above all others.